About us

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About us

Consultec Viet Nam has been established in 1998 by Xavier Gogniat, a Swiss electrical engineer who graduated from EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.
At the first stage of “Open” policy in Vietnam, the company tended to IT field and signed contracts with: Elca Information, ABB, Justswitzerland.com and Open Air Services. For domestic market, we had exposed the services: Website Design and then being a bridge for agriculture farms and ceramics, furniture factories to worldwide market. We pride ourselves on having partner-led service for all our services at the time:
- Website coding and design: over 400 sites including Themes Parks, 11 textiles manufactures, 108 ceramics and furniture factories, singers and other traders 
- Trade Promotion: our approach starts by developing an in-depth understanding the lacks of import-export terms and conditions, the needs from customers and the supply chain from manufactures. -     
Years later, see the demands of Vietnamese who lives abroad, they wanted to send gifts to their families and friends. We explored the Fresh Flowers services and now, we are the leading in Vietnam who import fresh Christmas trees from the US and Denmark. Plus, our Corporate Gifts (Consulgifts Service) is a the first choice of Somerset, Air France, DHL, Archetype, Novotel… for their events giveaways items.
Now, we focus in environment and hospitality.
We started waste management from 2010 in Ha Nam province, Hue and now we are on the way to develop a new project in Phu Yen, a developing province in Viet Nam.
Besides, our own Song Cau Beach hotel located in a fishing village on the Song Cau Beach is a favorite retreat for expat in Vietnam and for people who want a calm and hideaway from noisy downtown.