Waste to Energy (WTE)

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Waste to Energy (WTE)

Since 2010, we start to invest and involve to waste management and water supply.

Handling, recycling and domestic waste treatment is a difficult field. Mixed waste in Vietnam is almost always difficult to accurately determine the input material composition and moisture (waste mixture) due to the collection process as well as the difference regions. Standardizing a technological solution for general treatment and regeneration for all these types of solid waste is very complicated and difficult. Some treatment technologies are available in the country and in the world such as: landfill technology, microbial fertilizer production technology, fuel pellet production technology, incineration technology (biomass burning)...etc. In general, it has not brought economic efficiency, the rate of waste to be buried is still very high. Especially, the after-garbage consumption market is facing many difficulties… Therefore, the technology of treating & converting waste into energy and generating electricity is the most feasible. On the other hand, through WTE ELECTRICITY-WTE technology that converts this waste into energy, garbage has become a resource to replace part of energy from fossil fuels, reducing secondary pollution emissions. Do not bury and gradually remove the landfills, return the land area, eliminate the sources of pollution of surface water, groundwater, toxic emissions... arising from these landfills. For places where WASTE ELECTRICITY - WTE technology is applied: Garbage including domestic, industrial, medical and toxic is thoroughly treated (out of stock) within the day, not stored, causing secondary pollution. WASTE ELECTRICITY- WTE regenerated from waste used in daily life and industry. Communities around the place where this research result is applied will enjoy the results of a garbage-free environment, fresh air with WASTE ELECTRICAL energy.
A method of conversion in a closed circulating circle.
Products of the WTE technology:

•    Syngas
•    Carbon Organic 
•    Pyroligneous acid 
Products after waste treatment
(Energy – carbon oganic - Pyroligneous acid)

The outstanding features of WTE Technology:
1- Developed from source technologies such as MBT-CD.08, MBT-GRE 
2- Convert all waste materials containing energy (regardless of domestic, industrial or harmful waste) – NO CLASSIFYING
3- Use inorganic waste, metals as conversion agent CTR (thermalize) from solid phase to gas phase – CREATING
4- Separate organic soft tissue-decomposition agents and water - PRODUCING ORGANIC CARBON.
5- Closed thermochemistry process (lack of oxygen) – NO CHIMNEY.
6- Finished product - Electricity & organic carbon.- NO MORE BURIAL